Radio Times (16th August 2014)

Article on Autumn tv dramas has been posted in the radio times (16th August 2014)


Great Britain Official Page

A official page for the play Great Britain has posted on the theatre royal haymarket

Belle DVD/Blu-ray Release Date (Region 2)

Belle will be released on dvd/blu-ray on the 20th October 2014 (region 2)

Great Britain

Lucy Punch will be taking over Billie Piper role and Ben Mansfield will be taking over Oliver Chris role in the play Great Britain at the Theatre Royal Haymarket

Andrew Woodall will be reprising his role in Great Britain at the Theatre Royal Haymarket

This Autumn on ITV Trailer (1st August 2014)

A trailer for this Autumn on ITV has been posted on ITV youtube channel (1st August 2014)

Daily Mail (1st August 2014)

Article on the film the Riot Club has been posted in the daily mail (1st August 2014)

ITV Where Drama Lives Autumn 2014 Trailer (25th July 2014)

A trailer for ITV autumn programmes has posted on ITV youtube channel (25th July 2014) 

Grantchester UK Air Date

Grantchester will be air on ITV in October 2014


39th Annual Toronto International Film Festival

The Riot Club will be shown at the 39th annual Toronto international film festival in September 2014

British Vogue (9th July 2014)

A video of a interview with the cast of the film the Riot Club has been posted on British Vogue youtube channel (9th July 2014)