Film (Actor)Year/DateCharacter
Tall Dark and Handsome (Short)Damien
303 Squadron2018Jones
Solo: A Star Wars Story2018Chief Drawd Munbrin
RSC Live: Antony and Cleopatra24th May 2017Enobarbus
RSC Live: Julius Caesar26th April 2017Julius Caesar
The Riot Club2014Alistair's father
Angel2015Lord Hall
Belle2014Lord Mayor
Johnny English Reborn2011Foreign Secretary
The Life of Bob (Short)2006Julien
Doctor Sleep2002Lebourg's Son
The Count of Monte Cristo2002Gendarmes Captain
The Man Who Knew Too Little1997Detective Sergeant Malloy

Television (Actor)Episode/SeriesYear/DateCharacter
The Reckoningepisode 1Archie Gillick
Lockwood and Co.episode 1Jacobs
EndeavourScherzo (episode 8.2)19th September 2021Major Jones
Desepisode 1.316th September 2020Dr. Hardy
Grantchesterepisode 1.16th October 2014Clive Morton
New Worldsepisode 1.28th April 2014Earl of Shaftesbury
New Worldsepisode 1.11st April 2014Earl of Shaftesbury
Lucanepisode 1.218th December 2013Bill Shand Kydd
Lucanepisode 1.111th December 2013Bill Shand Kydd
MirandaWhat a Surprise (episode 3.2)1st Janaury 2013Xavier
Silkepisode 2.222nd May 2012Major Scotter
New TricksThe Gentlemen Vanishes
(episode 8.7)
15th August 2011Brian Rutland
Above Suspicion: Deadly Intentepisode 3.24th January 2011David Rushton
Above Suspicion: Deadly Intentepisode 3.13rd January 2011David Rushton
Personal AffairsFools on the Hill (episode 1.3)30th June 2009Eddie
Place of Executionepisode 1.36th October 2008Jonathan Pritchard
Heartbeat Another Piece of My Heart (episode 16.14)13th May 2007Simon Langley-Smythe
Charles II: The Power and the Passionepisode 1.47th December 2003Essex
StarhunterStitch in Time (episode 2.13)8th November 2003Captain Robert Parker
The Eustace Brosepisode 1.45th August 2003Mike
Ultimate ForceMad Dogs (episode 2.2)25th June 2003Ministry Of Defence Lawyer
In DeepMen and Boys: Part 1 (episode 3.5)24th February 2003Fraser
Dalziel and PascoeDialogues of the Dead (episode 7.6)22nd December 2002Ambrose Bird
Dalziel and PascoeDialogues of the Dead (episode 7.5)21st December 2002Ambrose Bird
The Estate AgentsGangsters (episode 1.2)14th February 2002Alone Manager
Murder RoomsThe Patient’s Eyes (episode 1.1)4th September 2001Greenwell
Table 12Magdalena (episode 1.2)13th July 2001 Second Man
Table 12Settling Up (episode 1.1) 12th July 2001Man #2
HeartbeatUnchained Melody (episode 10.20)11th March 2001Lord Hal Tadcaster
Hearts and BonesOnce There Was a Way to Get Back Home (episode 1.7)7th June 2000Stuart Gee
Hearts and BonesYou Can't Always Get What You Want (episode 1.5)28th May 2000Stuart Gee
Hearts and BonesIf You Don't Know Me by Now (episode 1.4)21st May 2000Stuart Gee
Hearts and BonesSlipping Through My Fingers (episode 1.3)14th May 2000Stuart Gee
Hearts and BonesI Need a Love Song (episode 1.1)30th April 2000Stuart Gee
Harbour LightsNo More Heroes (episode 2.1)24th April 2000Chas Green
Nature Boyepisode 1.221st February 2000Tom
Gimme, Gimme, GimmeSofa Man
(episode 2.6)
18th February 2000Rick Cheesecloth
Maisie RaineID (episode 2.3)18th June 1999D.S. Dermot Walsh
Kavanagh QCMute of Malice (episode 3.1)3rd March 1997Edgar Beddoes
SharmanHearts of Stone (episode 1.2)11th November 1996Seeley
Degrees of Errorepisode 1.44th October 1995Michael
Degrees of Errorepisode 1.327th September 1995Michael
Degrees of Errorepisode 1.220th September 1995Michael
Degrees of Errorepisode 1.113th September 1995Michael
HighlanderMortal Sins (episode 3.19)8th May 1995Ernst Daimler
Casualty Trails and Tribulations (episode 9.18)11th February 1995 Tom Hodger
SeaforthAn Ill Wind (episode 1.9)4th December 1994Major/Lt. Tony Gray
SeaforthLove's Little Messenger (episode 1.8)27th November 1994Major/Lt. Tony Gray
SeaforthThe Life of Riley (episode 1.7)20th November 1994Major/Lt. Tony Gray
SeaforthSod's Law (episode 1.6)13th November 1994Major/Lt. Tony Gray
SeaforthTill Death (episode 1.3)23rd October 1994Major/Lt. Tony Gray
SeaforthThis Evil World (episode 1.2)16th October 1994Major/Lt. Tony Gray
SeaforthA Modest Hero (episode 1.1)9th October 1994Major/Lt. Tony Gray
Headhuntersepisode 1.?1994Rupert Fuller
The Piglet FilesQuestion of Intelligence (episode 1.1)7th September 1990Russian Agent
The Upper HandJust Like Charlie (episode 1.11)6th August 1990Steve/War Film Actor
Wish Me Luckepisode 3.3 21st January 1990 Konig
Wish Me Luckepisode 3.214th January 1990Konig
Wish Me Luckepisode 3.17th January 1990Konig
HannayThe Confidence Man (episode 2.5)28th February 1989Dr. Angus Birbeck

TV Movie (Actor)DateCharacter
An Adventure in Space and Time 21st November 2013Rex Tucker
The Suspicions of Mr Whicher: The Murder at Road Hill House25th April 2011Magistrate
In Love with Barbara26th October 2008Patrick Hastings
Lawless8th November 2004Wilby
Hear the Silence15th December 2003Martin Shields
Prime Suspect 319th December 1993DI Brian Dalton

Theatre (Actor)Year/DateCharacter
Something in the Air13th October-12th November 2022Andrew
Bloody Difficult Women3rd-28th August 2022Paul Dacre
Bloody Difficult Women24th February-1st April 2022Paul Dacre
Admissions17th June-22nd June 2019Bill
Admissions10th June-15th June 2019Bill
Admissions3rd June-8th June 2019Bill
Admissions27th May-1st June 2019Bill
Admissions28th February-25th May 2019Bill
Antony and Cleopatra30th November 2017-20th January 2018Enobarbus
Julius Caesar24th November 2017-20th January 2018Julius Caesar
Antony and Cleopatra11th March-7th September 2017Enobarbus
Julius Caesar 3rd March-9th September 2017Julius Caesar
First Light10th June-2nd July 2016Major General Jon Shea
The War of the Roses16th September-31st October 2015Gloucester/Iden/Derby
Great Britain9th September 2014-10th January 2015Mac Macmanaman
Great Britain30th June-23rd August 2014Mac Macmanaman
Wendy and Peter Pan10th December 2013-2nd March 2014Mr Darling/Skylights
The Browning Version19th April-22nd July 2012Dr. Frobisher
South Downs19th April-22nd July 2012Basil Spear
Benefactors 1st-24th March 2012Colin
The Browning Version2nd September-8th October 2011Dr. Frobisher
South Downs2nd September-8th October 2011Basil Spear
In The Beginning24th March 2011
Little Platoons19th January-19th February 2011Nick
The Knowledge12th January-19th February 2011Harry
Women Beware Women20th April-4th July 2010Guardiano
Hedda Gabler 25th September-15th November 2008Judge Brack
Much ado About Nothing10th December 2007-29th March 2008Don John
Gas Light 7th June-18th August 2007 Jack Manningham
The Life of Galileo28th August-31st October 2006Cardinal Barberini, Later Pope Urban III
The Voysey Inheritance10th August-30th September 2006Major Booth Voysey
The Voysey Inheritance18th April-7th June 2006Major Booth Voysey
As You Desire Me2005Silvio Masperi
As You Like It3rd June-17th September 2005Oliver De Boys
Sugar Syndrome2003Tim
Luther29th September-14th November 2001The Knight
Burning Issues14th April-3rd June 2000Hazeldine
Our Late Night1999Grant
Certain Young Men21st January-20th February 1999Christopher
A Letter of Resignation1998Ian Ritchie
King Lear 1997Edmund
The Provok’d Wife 1997 Constant
Cloud Nine 1997 Harry Begley/Martin
Waste 1997 George Farrant
Vieux Carre 1995Tye McCool
Don Carlos 1995 The Marquis of Posa
Disappeared 1995 Ted Mitchell
Butterfly Kiss 1994 Jackson Trouver
Search and Destroy 1993 Kim Feston
Weldon Rising 1992 Marcel
Woyzeck 1992
Romeo and Juliet 1991 Andres
Quadrapartite Investigations 1991 Benvolio/Paris
Murmering Judges 4th October 1991-?1st Prisoner
The Shape of the Table 2nd November 1990-6th April 1991 Andréa Zeitek
Racing Demon 1st February 1990-?Ewan Gilmour
Abingdon Square 1990 Glazier
The Art of Success 1989 Harry Fielding
Death of a Dragonfly
Christie In Love
Kill Devil Hills
Cargo Cult
The Last Crusade
Seasons in The Mist
The Abbess of Crewe

Theatre (Text Detectives) (Video)PlayDate
RSC Shakespeare Learning ZoneJulius Caesar9th February 2018

Radio Plays (Voice) (Actor)DateCharacter
Nuremberg27th August 2021 (episode 1.2)Hans Frank
Light Shining in Buckinghamshire28th April 2013Man #2
South Downs1st September 2012Basil Spear
Little Platoons4th June 2011Nick Orme
Backtrack10th February 2007Alec
Professor Bernhardi28th January 2007Minister Flint/Defence
Let Me1st October 2006Euclid
Confidential Agent (Retired) 25th July 2005Tom
Hippomania26th September 2004Sir Oswald Mosely
Radio Daze 17th July 2004Laurence
The Beast Must Die24th April 2004George
King of Shadows20th March 2003Arby/Richard Burbage
The Wire3rd October 2002Bob
Cadenza26th July 1998Corelli
Degrees of Error4th October 1995Michael
Degrees of Error27th September 1995Michael
Degrees of Error20th September 1995Michael
Degrees of Error13th September 1995Michael
Seasons of Mist10th August 1987Bobby

Audio Book (Voice)Year
Little John’s Britain October 2007

Internet Interviews (Videos)Year
Bloody Difficult Women23rd February 2022
Admissions28th February 2019
National Theatre2007
Old Vic2007

Featurettes (Theatre) (Cinema) (Interview)Date
RSC Live: Julius Caesar26th April 2017

Featurettes (Theatre) (DVD/Blu-ray) (Interview)Date
Julius Caesar30th March 2018

Featurettes (Film) (DVD/Blu-ray)Year
Belle: The Story2013

Theatre (Q and A)Year/Date
Admissions9th April 2019
Julius Caesar31st May 2017
As You Like It2005

Public SpeakingDate
Amnesty International UK: The Great Get Together18th June 2017

Reading (Actor)Date
Once Upon A Quarantine7th June 2020

Workshop (Teacher)Date
Acting for Screen With Andrew Woodall24th November 2019
Acting for Screen With Andrew Woodall23rd November 2019

Trailer (Theatre)Date
Julius Caesar10th February 2017

Posters (Theatre)Date
Julius Caesar24th November 2017-20th January 2018
Julius Caesar3rd March-9th September 2017

Theatre Programme (Front Cover)Date
Julius Caesar24th November 2017-20th January 2018
Julius Caesar3rd March-9th September 2017

DVD/Blu-ray (Photo) (Front Cover)RegionDate
Julius Caesar030th March 2018

DVD/Blu-ray (Photo) (Back Cover)RegionDate
Antony And Cleopatra030th March 2018

Poster (Film)Film FestivalDate
303 SquadronSuspense Film Festival 20186th July 2018

Music (Title) (Voice)FormatYear/DateCharacter
Antony and Cleopatra: Music and SpeechesCD2nd February 2018Enobarbus
Julius Caesar: Music and SpeechesCD2017Julius Caesar

Music (CD) (Front Cover)Year
Julius Caesar: Music and Speeches2017

Trading Card (Film) (Autograph)Date
Solo: A Star Wars Story16th February 2022
Solo: A Star Wars Story25th May 2018

Book (Print) (Photos)Date
Solo: A Star Wars Story The Official Guide Book24th May 2018
Helen Mirren: In the Frame: My Life in Words and Pictures25th March 2008
Sienna's Story: The Biography of Sienna Miller29th September 2006

West End Bares2015

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